Security systems

As one of the most innovative mobile patrolling companies in the UK, Samsic UK offers asset management geo-fencing technologies such as:

Samsic Sentrikey: the only electronic key safe with a key pad for one-off emergency access, it’s dedicated app removes all code management and the enablement of full audit trail of access, all in real time.


Samsic Dispatch: a desktop module allowing us real-time dispatch for mobile patrols, location overview and communications with officers in the field + generation of task reporting including response times and on-site reports for you, 24/7.


Trackforce: Trackforce solutions are built to improve security operations and are fully customizable to meet company requirements. An easy-to-use technology that ensures people and assets are protected at all times.

From tracking guard tours to managing your visitors and incident reports, Trackforce will improve officer accountability, optimize operations and provide actionable insights to reduce vulnerabilities and enhance efficiencies.

Dynamic Needs: We will monitor all incidents, occurrences and events using the Trackforce incident and occurrence module. This applies algorithms to identify patterns and predict risks.

We will adapt our security approach, patrolling routes and resources based on risk patterns and predictive security requirements.

This will support non-cashable savings through better resource allocation and can also support direct cash savings by managing security resource requirements according to need


Security systems samsic

Always at the forefront of technological innovation

Drone Surveillance: We investigate the potential to introduce drones to support patrolling and their estates security.

Drones have the potential to monitor wide areas and identify potential security risks before they arise.

They also offer the potential to support lone working completed by security officers and can replace extensive foot or vehicle patrols. Implementing drones would provide an opportunity to release cash and non-cashable savings.

LEAN Patrolling

Using our Trackforce patrol monitoring platform we are able to create the optimal patrolling route through any configuration of estate.

This makes sure that every aspect of our patrolling adds value to the security of the site. It also eliminates unproductive time and releases that resource back into the core service as a non-cashable saving. 

security guard system samsic