Samsic UK Security services and innovations

Our highly experienced management team works closely with you to:

  • Assess your site needs and surroundings, identifying potential security risks.
  • Analyse risks and hazards, establishing objectives and processes to reduce them.
  • Create solutions that can be used immediately to mitigate against future risk.
  • Install, monitor, maintain and respond to intruder and fire alarms. 

Our innovative security and protection solutions will ensure you have:

  • Fully integrated solutions that deter intruders and protect your assets.
  • Full overview and accountability of security personnel and patrols.
  • Real time, data-led and customisable incident and activity reports.
  • Enhanced security of visitor management, access control and key logging.

Our best in class security technology, expertise and experience gives you access to a wide range of security solutions to suit your needs.



Opening a gate


The Sentrikey keysafe is an innovation in key storage that provides you with flexible, secure building access through the use of smartphone technology. Sentrikey comprises a key box on the outside of the building, and a smartphone application to operate it. 

A security operative simply presents their smartphone to the keybox, and is sent a numerical password, which is then used to allow access to the key. An intelligent data dashboard gives full overview of date and time stamps, showing you exactly when the key safe is opened and a key removed, and when the key is returned. 

One time passcodes can be given for occasions when a keyholder is unavailable, or for early opening, eliminating the need to give out keys and reducing the risk of keys getting lost, requiring locks to be changed. 


The SamTech platform offers accountability to our security operations. Using innovative geofencing technology and checkpoints set up around a site, we can easily track the movements of an operative, and receive alerts when they enter and leave the premises.


  • Geofencing provides automatic notifications when operatives enter a site boundary
  • Checkpoints show exact path taken by operatives within a site
  • Image can be provided of where and which vehicle enters a geofence
  • Video tracking of operative response and movement
  • The platform enables patrolling reports from operatives
  • Automated incident and alarm activation reports, emailed to client in real-time
SamTech dashboard

Asset Tracking

Our asset tracking solutions enable us to monitor, remotely and in real-time the movement vehicles, personnel and high-value assets. 


Our asset trackers provide discrete security principles that provide movement progress updates and a chain of custody from dispatch to destination. 


In complement, our asset trackers are also fitted with tamper protection to prevent interference and maintain the integrity of the load tracking. 

Asset Tracking
security officer at desk

Intruder detection

We can install and monitor remote intruder monitoring systems and provide an immediate response in the event of a security breach. Our intruder monitoring systems provide remote and continuous observation of whole buildings and individual areas. 


Our monitoring systems include a combination of internal and perimeter detection and deterrent systems. Systems can include geofencing and heatspot alerts and can including monitoring and recording through visible camera systems and voice commands to intruders. 

Access Control

Access control security systems are installed to restrict, control and manage the flow of people into, around and out of buildings.


Enabling access to the right individual, area and at the right times 

Whether it’s management of employees and visitors, contractor access control, or managing building flow, you will have guidelines and industry standards to follow. Depending upon your specific operational requirements there are a number of solutions available. 

  • We use advanced infrared temperature sensing technology to provide a safe and convenient way to check for fever.
  • Using fingerprint recognition technology, our innovative platform makes signing in and out more secure and efficient.
  • Innovative access control technologies provide remote building user authentication without an on site officer.
Infrared thermometer

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