Pharmaceuticals Cleaning

Sanitation and hygiene in the Pharmaceuticals industry are vital, not only to ensure the optimal environment, to retain licenses, but also to minimise downtime of equipment.

The pharmaceutical and cosmetics sector requires very special expertise, to make sure that the facilities are clean and free from all sorts of bacteria. Samsic UK’s highly trained, specialise pharmaceutical cleaning teams work to keep your equipment efficient, clean and uncontaminated.

Samsic UK specialises in the disinfection and decontamination of equipment and clean rooms and cleans ultra-sensitive areas such as laboratories and production centres on a regular basis.

To provide our customers with healthy workspaces and laboratories in compliance with current standards, Samsic UK's specialist pharmaceutical cleaning teams are continuously trained and qualified to use approved methods.

We guarantee an ultra-clean environment

The cleaning protocol for a Clean Room guarantees your production quality.

We fully support your processes, and will work with you to create a customised cleaning system, ensuring an environment free from biological and particulate contamination.

By entrusting the ultra-cleanliness of your production environment to specialists, you protect your products and control your costs.

Our teams are constantly trained to work in strict compliance with the requirements of Good Manufacfturing Practice and Good Laboratory Practice in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.


Pharmaceuticals cleaning
Pharmaceuticals cleaning

Samsic offers a comprehensive range of services provided by our qualified and experienced colleagues for the pharmaceutical industries:

  • Daily and periodic cleaning in cleanroom classes B to D and ISO 4 to ISO 9
  • Particulate and microbiological decontamination
  • Deep cleaning and disinfection/sterilisation
  • Batch change
  • Audit and testing
  • Procurement and management of consumables


Samsic UK is nationally acclaimed and accredited by a wide range of professional bodies, putting us amongst the best cleaning service providers in the UK.

Our accreditations ensure that we achieve the best practice across the breadth of our services, in relation to health and safety, training, quality assurance, environmental management and more.