Pest Control

Samsic UK will work with you to set up both proactive and reactive measures to prevent animals and insects accessing and damaging your infrastructure.

We know that pest issues can cause significant harm to brand reputation. Our expert teams will discreetly attend to any pest issues, identify the cause, eliminate the issue and then design a system to reduce the risk of repeat occurrences.

 Our pest control services include rodent and insect extermination, disinfection and bird control, to guarantee the quality of hygiene at your site and contribute to the performance of your staff and the success of your company.


Protecting your property and image is our priority

Effective pest control is an essential part of meeting your wider facilities management goals. By working with Samsic UK, we can create a bespoke offer that helps you to:

  1. Increase the lifespan of your building
  2. Protect your stock, assets and equipment
  3. Prevent damage to your IT infrastructure and equipment
  4. Ensure the wellbeing of your staff and visitors
  5. Comply with health and safety standards and legislation
  6. Prevent potential complaints or litigation


Disinfection, rat control, pest control


After a risk assessment of your site, carried out by an expert, our staff offer you solutions tailored to your company and designed to improve your pest control protection plan. Our services include both one-time treatments and full-fledged pest control plans.