Samsic UK is a specialist provider of innovative, customer led cleaning solutions. We deliver exceptional hygiene and cleaning standards to a comprehensive range of buildings and environments including corporate buildings, manufacturing and pharmaceutical sites, public buildings and retail environments.

We create bespoke solutions for each customer, blending sector leading innovation with unique service solutions.


Innovation in contract cleaning


We believe that your workplace should be safe, hygienic and sustainable, so we develop cleaning innovations that save you time and money whilst reducing our impact on the environment.

Our innovative Total Green Solutions service reduces chemical usage and waste and increases efficiency. The result? You get a higher standard of cleaning for less.

We provide effective, eco-friendly support service solutions for your organisation. Our products use fewer chemicals, making them safer to use, and are produced, transported and stored in a responsible, sustainable way, ensuring a lesser impact on our environment.

Samsic UK provide the latest innovations in cleaning:

  • Wearmax by Samsic – Save time and money with our high-performance, innovative floor coating, which eliminates the need for polishing and buffing, whilst also protecting against dirt, abrasion and signs of wear. 

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  • Toucan – Our clever salt-water disinfectant uses an electro-chemical activation that eliminates the need for toxic chemicals, whilst providing the highest quality cleaning service on the market. 

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  • Bio Stream – After improving our contract cleaning services with the use of the Toucan cleaning system, we scaled up the production for use in large-scale operations. Bio stream is mains water connected and has enabled us to replace 80% of floor cleaning chemicals with this safer, greener method.

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  • Ecodosing – Reduce waste and go green while still achieving a powerful clean. Our super-concentrate, eco-friendly dosage cleaner is free of CFCs, making it safer and more environmentally friendly. Cheaper to transport, easier to store, lighter to handle; these containers are small, but they still pack huge cleaning power.

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Here at Samsic UK, we pride ourselves on being able to provide a truly local service across the breadth of the country. We are national cleaning contractors, with teams working across the UK to ensure that our high-quality service and expertise can be put into action wherever you are situated, and whatever you needs are.



We are specialists in retail, public sector, warehouse and distribution, offices, schools, and pharmaceutical healthcare, with clients including Hugo Boss, NHS Blood & Transplant, Volvo, Allianz, Provident Financial Group and Accord Pharmaceuticals.