Warehouse & Distribution Centres

With the growth of internet shopping, warehouse facilities and distribution centres are coming under increasing pressure to maximise productivity and efficiency, cut costs and improve safety.

Outsourcing your facilities management to Samsic UK, not only guarantees the smooth running of your operations, but also ensures the health and safety of your workforce.

Samsic UK are experts in warehouse cleaning and security. We know how best to integrate into your shift patterns, and help you to ensure your space is operating at its most efficient.


We specialise in all aspects of keeping your warehouse clean and safe, including:

  • - IT equipment cleaning
  • - Machinery deep cleaning
  • - Floor and large surface area cleaning
  • - Recycling and waste management
  • - Static security guarding
  • - Incident management
  • - Mobile patrolling
  • - Risk management
  • - Security and surveillance systems


Transport - Logistics Samsic


In this sector, which is subject to a high level of risk, we pay particular attention to the health and safety of the people assigned to your site.

We ensure that each person assigned to your sites understands the occupational risks specific to your sector.