Street Cleaning

With our dedicated street cleaning service, Samsic UK sustainably supports Local Authorities to ensure the comfort, well-being, health and safety of residents.

Providing street and pavement sweeping and cleaning, waste collection, graffiti removal, salting and snow removal, Samsic UK specialises in cleaning roads and public spaces, but also in street cleaning, dust removal and disinfection of structures.

Tourists, residents and employees who spend time in the city every day want to enjoy areas that are attractive, with minimal odours and noise. Our specialist teams work carefully to keep the streets clean and maintain street furniture.

A strong customer focus for clean cities

We work hard to fully understand your expectations and deliver innovative, tailored solutions that increase your added value, and save you money.

By understanding your local issues and through Samsic UK’s multiservice offer, we have the experience and resources needed to keep your environment clean and attractive.

Every day, we help enhance the image and attractiveness of your cities by offering responsible and innovative services to our customers.

  • Sweeping
  • Street cleaning
  • Salting and snow removal with a special fleet of vehicles
  • Street furniture maintenance
Street Cleaning samsic