Excellent hygiene and safety standards in the healthcare sector are of the utmost importance. Poor cleanliness puts staff and patients at risk, increase sickness, the risk of infection, and lead to devastating effects.

At the same time, strict budget requirements mean healthcare facilities must juggle the resources available to meet the needs of their patients or residents and the expectations of their staff.

By outsourcing your cleaning needs to Samsic UK, we can offer you a complete range of services to:

  • Improve the comfort and well-being of your patients/residents and employees,
  • Enhance the hygiene and safety of your healthcare environment,
  • Optimise your operating costs.


From cleaning rooms and equipment to transporting patients in hospitals, our staff are dedicated, caring and respectful.

We use eco-friendly, chemical free and low toxin cleaning products which deliver the highest standard of clean, without compromising the safety of your patients.

And because our goal is to create a healthy and pleasant environment for your patients, visitors and staff, we guarantee you the highest level of hygiene and safety, in accordance with the requirements in the healthcare field.

Offer the best to your residents

The well-being of patients and residents is our top priority. To achieve this, we deploy a complete range of services with special processes:

  • - Biocleaning
  • - Linen management
  • - Waste management
  • - Patient transporters
  • - Landscaping and floral decoration
  • - Maintenance
  • - Reception
  • - Security
  • - Night watch service
Healthcare Samsic


By trusting Samsic UK with your facilities management, you benefit from our expertise, dedication and innovation, leaving you to focus on your delivering the highest quality healthcare to your patients.