Samsic UK - More than just a cleaning company


Published on : 17 Aug. 2020

Ensuring staff and customer health and safety is the top priority for the vast majority of companies in the current circumstances. Samsic UK is more than just cleaning company. With our knowledge of hygiene services and our LEAN expertise, we are doing more to ensure that best practice in integrated facilities management is replicated across the globe.


Now more than ever achieving and maintaining workspace hygiene is essential if social confidence is to return, working patterns are to be rebuilt and infection controlled. The post-COVID impact on cleaning will alter how cleaning is provided, more intelligent led solutions will be required, data analysed and connected
systems used to provide real time interventions.


Cleaning will have to be more visible to provide reassurance and workspace confidence but also to control infection risk. Building access control will have to be monitored more carefully, and many companies will want to implement their own form of track and trace amongst building users. Outdoor spaces will become more important, as a safer way to meet and gather, and to help create positive first impressions that reassure visitors. 


At Samsic, we can offer a fully integrated service that manages all aspects of your workspace, and addresses any concerns you or your staff may have as you begin to carve out the "new normal". Our cleaning, hygiene, security, reception and groundskeeping services combine to create a full package that is tailored to your specifications. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help.


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