Here at Samsic, we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to the services we provide. Innovation is core to our business, and we are always looking for new ways to offer a more sustainable and environmentally conscious service.

We work with a range of partners to create and offer a number of products that help to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and meet your sustainability goals.

Wearmax by Samsic

Save time and money with our high-performance, innovative floor coating, which eliminates the need for polishing and buffing, whilst also protecting against dirt, abrasion and signs of wear.

The world’s first high-performance floor coating with ceramic particles embedded into its surface layer, Wearmax offers the option to restore existing finishes or re-colourise them to your design requirements and with huge savings: a typical 500 sq m application of Wearmax clear finish offers an 80% saving in time against floor maintenance, up to 60% in capital expenditure (Capex), up to 50% on core cleaning costs.

Highly effective against signs of wear, abrasion and dirt adhesion, while also providing slip-resistance of typically 36+ (BS7976), its reduced dirt adhesion makes its maintenance far easier. There’s no more need for polishing, buffing, application of maintainer, or stripping and sealing. And being water based and simple to clean using less chemical use and waste, it’s also environmentally-friendly.

Samsic innovation Wearmax
Samsic innovation Toucan


Our clever salt-water disinfectant uses an electro-chemical activation that eliminates the need for toxic chemicals, whilst providing the highest quality cleaning service on the market.

Samsic UK were the first cleaning providers in the UK to adopt this clever innovation. By adding and electro-chemical activation to a salt-water solution, Toucan kills 99.9% bacteria, whilst eliminating the need for harmful or abraisive chemicals in cleaning.

This means we can offer you a high-performance cleaning service that is safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Bio Stream

After improving our contract cleaning services with the use of the Toucan cleaning system, we scaled up the production for use in large-scale operations. Bio stream is mains water connected and has enabled us to replace 80% of floor cleaning chemicals with this safer, greener method.

Being the first UK cleaning contractor to adopt the Toucan cleaning system, we were keen to find a means of scaling-up production for larger sites. The Bio-stream enables us to move solution process out of jugs and spray bottles, to use in large-scale applications.

Mains water-connected, safe and easy to use, it obviates the need for making up individual fluids resulting in faster deployment of this non toxic, high-grade disinfectant, on-demand. A great idea made even better, Toucan now replaces 80% of floor cleaning chemicals used by our cleaning operations.


Reduce waste and go green while still achieving a powerful clean. Our super-concentrate, eco-friendly dosage cleaner is free of CFCs, making it safer and more environmentally friendly. Cheaper to transport, easier to store, lighter to handle; these containers are small, but they still pack huge cleaning power.

A super-concentrate product that packs big cleaning power into small containers and minimises the amount of product needed at the point of use. Its controlled dosage chamber integrates into the container, better controlling product wastage while small pack sizes make them easy to transport, easy to store, light to handle. Clever colour coding for different area usage makes them safer to use than ever.

As they use less packaging, there’s also less to dispose of after use. All of these products meet or exceed the toughest restrictions on use of hazardous chemicals and toxicity. That means no CFCs, no Phosphates, no chlorinated solvents, and no animal testing. Eco friendly and waste conscious at every stage from production to use, Ecodosing is all about helping protect the future for us all.

Samsic innovation eco dosing
Samsic innovation aquasmart

Aqua Smart

Aqua Smart uses an onboard filtration system to recycle and filter water used in cleaning activities. The technology allows the same water to be used for a week based on 3-4 hours of use each day, minimising water consumption.

Using onboard filtration in scrubber dryers or as a separate unit the same water can be used for a week. This minimises water consumption associated with cleaning activities and the non-stop cleaning method avoiding the need for draining and refilling eliminates unproductive tasks. The separate tank can clean 150 litres of water within 30 minutes. The dirt from the water is separated, collected in bags and dehydrated, making it easy to dispose.

Ice Smartcall

Smartcall uses smart phone or tablet video technology such as Facetime, Skype or Google Hangouts to connect cleaning colleagues and engineers with equipment specialists, to enable early and accurate diagnostics of any equipment failure or to enable our cleaning colleagues to complete self-service maintenance.

Samsic innovation Smartcall
Samsic innovation flexicount


Flexicount monitors use of key building locations, such as meeting rooms and washrooms, enabling preventative maintenance and just-in-time cleaning interventions to be programmed and completed.


Our lightweight Stingray system cleans windows 25% faster and uses 39% less chemicals than traditional cloth cleaning.

It increases productivity and safety by eliminating time spent moving furniture or climbing ladders.

Samsic innovation stingray
Samsic innovation Oztek


Oztek is a fast and efficient oscillating carpet cleaning machine that cleans and sanitises carpets and hard floors without the use of chem­icals, removing soil and restoring carpet pile to a certifiable anti-microbiotic and visual standard.