[VIDEO] Regent Samsic is now Samsic UK!


Published on : 03 Mar. 2020

Regent Samsic, a Samsic Group English subsidiary, has changed name to Samsic UK. The name change is in line with the Group’s drive to develop its foothold in the UK and offer comprehensive, international services.

In 2007 Samsic Group launched its first UK business activities by acquiring Regent Cleaning. Several years later, Regent Cleaning reinforced its Group membership when it became Regent Samsic. The Group currently operates in 25 countries throughout the world and is gaining market shares in the UK with a turnover of £61m in 2019: 3000 employees daily ensure cleaning, safety, and additional services for 750 customers.

On 2 January 2020, Regent Samsic officially announced that it would be operating under the Samsic brand as Samsic UK. The rebrand is part of Samsic Group’s strategy to develop its international foothold and create synergies between the countries in which it operates. Samsic UK will benefit from the Group’s renown and develop new business opportunities.

Our name change will enable us to extend our business activities throughout Europe and be fully part of the Samsic family”, Jonathan King, CEO Samsic UK.

Visit the new Samsic UK site now: samsic.uk