Our strategy to get you back in business


Published on : 29 Dec. 2020

Though we’re all holding out a lot of hope for a more normal 2021, many businesses are still surrounded by a cloud of uncertainty about when they can re-open, or welcome their staff and customers back through their doors.


As hygiene and safety experts, we’ve put in place strategies to get you mobilised and help you build back as quickly and safely as possible, offering you and your staff peace of mind.


Our specialised deep cleans provide full sanitisation and infection control, and our ongoing workspace hygiene offers a visible presence, and data-led, intelligent solutions, to provide reassurance and confidence.



We use innovative solutions to ensure high standards, whilst saving time and reducing your bottom line.

  • Our room monitoring systems help us to deploy operatives and supplies when they’re needed, eliminating wastage.


  • We can provide air filtration units that sanitise air, and fever scanning units to identify risk through skin temperature measurement.


  • If you want to offer flexible working for the longer term, we have keyholding innovations and remote access control services that ease the pressure on workplaces and key holders.


  • We can supplement our highly trained cleaning operatives with robotic solutions to take care of repetitive tasks such as floor cleaning, freeing up cleaners to focus on touchpoint cleaning.


  • To help keep your premises Covid-free, we can provide you with thermal scanning stations that can detect fever even in multi-person flows and where face coverings are worn.


Whatever your long term solution, we’ll work with you to create a bespoke plan to fit your circumstances, and get you back to business-as-usual as soon as we can. So get in touch and find out how we can help.