Life after Coronavirus


Published on : 23 Jul. 2020

In the current climate many people are focused on the essential return to work deep cleaning tasks, but here at Samsic we’ve been putting careful thought into what comes next.


We’re aware that Covid-19 has changed the facilities management landscape irrevocably, and the way we work with and for our clients needs to adjust to reflect that.

The Workspace Hygiene strategy that we have created shows how we're putting client needs at the centre of our service offering.


As workplaces and work times become more flexible, the services we offer will need to flex around these needs.

  • Offering keyholding innovations and remote access control services could ease the pressure on workplaces that need to stagger start and finish times for workers or decide to keep flexible working conditions long term.
  • Visible cleaning will become more necessary as staff and customers will look for reassurances of a safe and hygienic environment.
  • While many facilities companies will be looking to cover their core costs and roll back investment in innovation, we have committed to investing more in innovative products and analytics, as we are aware that data collection will be key to providing high quality, meaningful services going forward.
  • Room monitoring, intelligent optimisation, co-biotics and the IoT (Internet of Things) will ensure that cleaning frequency is matched to usage and just in time services can be deployed as and when needed.
  • We are placing more emphasis on integration of our services – not just providing a range of soft services, but integrating these services by SIA licencing our cleaning supervisors, provide security awareness training for cleaning staff, and using our security teams to help complete high-contact point cleaning and replenishment.

Ultimately, we’ve spent the past year looking at how to put our clients and their premises at the heart of our service delivery and Covid has given us the opportunity to sharpen that thinking.


The result is the workspace hygiene strategy. You can take a look at how we can create a bespoke facilities service for your needs here.

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