How to keep a secure workplace through lockdown and beyond


Published on : 31 Jan. 2021

We all want to move back to a place where businesses can begin to build back and work on meeting their goals for 2021. Samsic Security services are here to help you keep your workplace secure while you focus on getting back to business.




Choose mobile security

While properties are empty and locked up, they’re at risk of unwanted attention, break-ins, or vandalism. Our mobile patrol service offers a cost-effective way to keep your premises safe from intruders. We can provide different tiers of service to fit your budget, offering between one and four patrols a day. 


Install a security system

A visible security system acts as a great deterrent for anti-social behaviour, and if the worst should happen, a functioning security alarm system will ensure that a guard is dispatched immediately to deal with the issue.

Did you know that we can design, install and monitor a security system for you? We can even utilise any current components you have installed to ensure the most cost-effective option!




Offer flexible working

By offering flexible working hours, you can keep premises open with fewer people present, reducing risk. Our key holding services can ensure safe locking and unlocking of buildings without numerous sets of keys being given out and at risk of being lost or stolen.


Have a lone worker strategy

With flexible working and fewer employees coming into the office, it’s absolutely vital to have lone worker protection in place. Our innovative SamTech system can act both as a lone worker alarm system, and a two-way radio for instant support.


Make sure you have a robust access control system

As we need to be more aware of who we are letting into our buildings, and how many people spaces can safely accommodate, we can install thermal imaging technology to identify raised skin temperature, and our front of house teams can manage flow safely and effectively.


Let us help sort out your site security systems.

Speak to one of our security experts about how we can help to keep your property and people secure, no matter what your budget.