5 business goals for growth in 2021


Published on : 28 Dec. 2020

With 2020 behind us and vaccine on its way, many businesses have been looking to the coming year with some hope of getting back on track. But being plunged into another national lockdown isn't the way any of us expected to be beginning 2021.


Hopefully, despite the next few weeks, you're managing to hold on to a little bit of optimism for the future and for growth. There’s no denying though, that for many of us, there is going to be a lot of catching up to do.

Here at Samsic, your goals have always been our priority, which is why we make sure that our facilities services deliver far more than just clean properties. We work hard to help you achieve your goals, and this year, in particular, we’ll be doing all we can to bring you back up to full speed as soon as possible.

So as we head into a new year, here are our 5 business goals for 2021 that can help you achieve growth.

1.    Reduce business expenses 

This is an obvious one. All business owners want to reduce costs. The important question is how and where can you cut expenses? There are a number ways, including utilising technology to reduce manual operations – something we often do in our cleaning contracts.

Our excellent value facilities services can help reduce your costs on cleaning. By replacing cleaning chemicals with our chemical-free Toucan solution which is generated on-site using salt, water and an electric current, we eliminate the cost of the cleaning chemicals and reduce transportation costs.

Speak to us about other ways we can reduce your outgoings through our facilities management.


2.    Increase employee productivity

Staff productivity can make a huge difference to your business growth, and a great way to boost productivity is to reduce the number of tasks your staff need to do outside of their primary job roles.
If you’re still asking your staff to do their own cleaning in order to save money, you could be losing thousands in productivity every month. By using professionals to concentrate on cleaning, the result will be a higher standard of hygiene, plus improved productivity from your staff, who can concentrate on their roles.
If your staff are still working from home, our ARISE programme can make sure you can bring them back to a virus-free environment safely and with confidence.  


3.    Focus on staff morale

Keeping up the morale and motivating your employees to work hard in your business can be a challenge, especially when your team is isolated, or working from home. You could consider bringing teams in for catch up meetings, to help staff feel connected. We can provide periodic deep cleans, fogging services and electrostatic spraying to create safe, virus-free environments for staff to meet.


4.    Improve your consumer perception

There’s a reason they say you only get one chance at a first impression. First impressions count and the way a consumer perceives your premises the first time they visit you will last. Our high-quality facilities services start crafting excellent customer experiences before your visitors have even stepped through the door, with beautifully manicured outdoor spaces, as well as indoor spaces cleaned to a high spec by friendly, well-presented staff who integrate seamlessly with your teams.


5.    Data is everything

Using data to make your business decisions is critical to ensuring that you’re moving in the right direction. As a data-driven company, we gather useful stats on room usage and frequency patterns which help us to make decisions on when to programme cleaning interventions, but could also be used to help you make cost-saving decisions on when to heat rooms or how to programme automatic lighting. Our data collection makes sure that we refill consumables at the right time, eliminating unnecessary visits and wastage, and bringing down your costs.


If you've got some catching up to do, and are looking for your next normal during the first months of 2021, get in touch to find out how we can help to design and deliver robust, covid safe hygiene strategies tailored to your business, your budget, and your goals.