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Published on : 13 May. 2020



During the coming weeks, many businesses will be beginning to look at ways to prepare for the easing of lockdown restrictions. Our Workspace Hygiene Strategy is here to ensure that your staff and customers are kept safe and healthy.


In readying your premises for the return of you colleagues and customers, there will be number of things to consider, and here at Samsic, we’re ready to support you in covering every base, so you can focus on achieving your business goals:


Initial deep clean:

Before welcoming back your employees, it’s important to make sure that the building they are returning to is virus free. An initial site deep clean can help to ensure staff confidence in returning to work safely, and improve morale for staff who know they’re working in a clean, safe environment.


Cross contamination:

Alongside routine daily cleaning we provided housekeeping and janitorial services focused on eliminating cross contamination within the building, including activities such as sanitising shared surfaces, handles, printers, copiers and fixtures. We can provide hygiene handle covers for doors that eliminate cross-contamination from high-contact points and provide a visible indicator of safety.


Infection control:

Minimising the risk of your staff coming into contact with Coronavirus will be a top priority when strategizing a safe return to work. Out access control services can ensure peace of mind for you and your employees. Our fever scanning solutions identify pre-infection risk by measuring skin temperature of building users using combined thermal and colour visual imaging cameras.



Safe, hygienic workspaces require a combination of enhanced cleaning frequencies, specifications and the use of sanitising product innovations. Our workspace sanitation process uses contactless fogging dispensers to specifically target and sterilise workstations, chairs, desktops, telephones, computers, keyboards, laptops and stationery to best protect office workers at their desks. This process is going to be an essential service for offices operating a hot desk policy.


Ongoing hygiene:

Routine to our hygiene approach we maintain frequent cleaning of high-contact surfaces including handles, door plates, hand-rails, washroom fixtures and fittings. Washroom surfaces in particular are high infection risk locations. Using digital technologies to identify use patterns we match our cleaning frequencies for washroom environments to demand and need.


Social distancing:

As it becomes clear that social distancing rules will be in place for some time, many businesses are seeking practical ways of communicating social distancing guidance to staff and visitors. 
Social distancing matting provides a cost effective means of urging customers and visitors to maintain expected social distance. By displaying a clear, instructional message, the mats help to ensure safety measures are followed.


Airborne pathogens:

Our equipment solutions support sanitises indoor air. Using air purifiers and HEPA filtration in our vacuums we are able to remove 99.95% of all airborne particles, 26 different gases, pollen, odours, germs, bacteria and viruses.


Staff engagement:

We create participatory opportunities for service users to engage with our services. Using smart device QR scanners and bar codes service users can report cleaning requirements, self-audit and comment on our services. This raises their level of engagement in building hygiene, helping to ensure that they stay alert during their working day.


As we being to move to through the next phases of lockdown towards a return to business as usual, our strategic approach to workspace hygiene will give you the peace of mind you and your employees need, helping to instil confidence and prioritising wellbeing.


For more information about our Workspace Hygiene programme, take a look at our brochure.


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