Transitioning back to work


Published on : 02 Jun. 2020

As businesses across the country begin to transition back towards normal ways of working, Samsic is here to make sure you can do this as safely as possible, offering you and your staff peace of mind.


To help you navigate through the uncertainty, we've put together a comprehensive range of options for deep cleans and ongoing workspace hygiene to support our clients. We are mobilised and ready to implement bespoke enhanced cleaning regimes, best suited to your business needs.



Our innovative solutions ensure the highest specification of hygiene cleaning, whilst saving time and reducing your bottom line.

Our intelligent optimisation tools allow us to deploy services to where they're needed most.

Flexicount remotely monitors washrooms as the key high infection risk environment. Monitoring use patterns every 15 minutes, we are able to create cleaning frequencies based on use, making sure that washrooms are continually hygienic environments and user experience is improved and reassured.

Robotics can supplement cleaning staff by performing many simple and repetitive tasks that allow staff to focus on more complex thought-intensive tasks such as high-contact point cleaning and targeted patrolling. Robotics offer an enhanced level of efficiency and productivity eliminating the need for staff to perform time consuming tasks.

Fever scanning identifies pre-infection risk by measuring skin temperature of building users using combined thermal and colour visual imaging camera, helping to identify and solve potential health and hygiene risks.

Aeramax filtration ensures the air your staff is breathing is sanitised and safe. Indoor air quality has a direct impact in health, comfort and workspace performance. We monitor in real time indoor air for the detection of pollutants, bacteria, viruses and odours. We are able to trigger air sanitising solutions or complete enhanced cleaning.



We can provide a range of options to enable the successful, safe reopening of your premises, ensuring the wellbeing of your staff and visitors.

Our services will be delivered directly by our highly trained Samsic colleagues, so you can be sure that everything will be taken care of to the highest standards.

Deep Clinical Clean: For our deepest clean, we'll send expertly trained teams to your premises to carry our a full sanitisation service using our innovative electrostatic sprayers, which distribute disinfecting droplets evenly across all surfaces, including shadowed and hidden areas.

Infection Control Clean: Our hygiene cleaning applies infection control procedures into our cleaning method. Our expert teams target high-risk surfaces with higher frequency cleaning and specialist equipment, preventing pathogens being passed within the workplace.

Workspace Sanitation: To ensure the safety of your workers, our contactless fogging system can provide sterilisation of workspaces, specifically targeting and sterilising workstations, chairs, desktops, telephones, computers, keyboards, laptops and stationery to best protect office workers at their desks.



We empower service users to build their own assurance.

Using smart device QR scanners and bar codes service users can report cleaning requirements, self-audit and comment on our services.

Workspace environments will become participatory spaces where site-based staff and visitors will complete their own hygiene maintenance.

Complementing our own routine cleaning services, we will support workspaces to maintain hygiene standards and offer building users opportunities to maintain their own hygiene safety, providing resources such as desk packs and spill stations.


For more information about our workspace hygiene solutions, download our brochure here.


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