Technical Maintenance

At Samsic UK, we can offer a full range of hard FM services, including the technical maintenance of your building and equipment.

By outsourcing your facilities management to Samsic UK, you benefit from technical solutions tailored to your requirements, that will increase the value and life cycle of your facilities.

Multi skilled professionals carry out the preventive, corrective and curative maintenance of your equipment. Our mobile staff deliver their services according to an ISO 9001 certified management process, and guarantee you safe and constantly available equipment.

To ensure the highest standard of technical maintenance, we work with you to optimise your production equipment, reduce your energy bill and maintenance costs and guarantee your employees functional, healthy and pleasant workspaces.

Maintenance is our job

Samsic UK offers all our customers a high level of multi-site, multi-business services. Our staff, located throughout the UK, respond promptly, 24/7, across a broad range of technical services:


  • Building maintenance: air conditioning, heating, ventilation, fire safety, telephone equipment, plumbing, etc


  • Multi-technical: HVAC engineering, electrical engineering, high and low voltage, maintenance of industrial equipment, management of selective waste sorting, etc.


  • Industrial logistics: preparation of production orders, warehouse management, packaging, labelling, warehousing, order preparation, controls, inventories, stand-by management, etc.


Multi-Technical Maintenance Samsic

Our associated business units


Our staff is available 24/7 to make your workspaces even more pleasant and efficient. Our network and our staff located throughout UK enable us to provide you with fast, local service whenever and wherever you need it.