Three reasons why: quality matters


Published on : 04 Jan. 2021

The importance of high-quality cleaning routines has been a much-discussed topic over the past few years - a conversation that gathered vogue thanks to the influence of Mrs Hinch and her army of Hinchers, and has become mainstream over the past 12 months, as we all re-learned how to wash our hands and sanitise our spaces.


But in the facilities sector, the quality of cleaning has always been a focus, and though it might sound obvious, we often have to explain what it means to deliver quality services, and why it's important.

For us, here are the three main reasons that quality is absolutely paramount in what we do:


1) Safety

Safety and quality go hand in hand in facilities. Something that looks clean isn't necessarily hygienic. That's why we've developed robust practices for quality audits - always making sure that the quality we deliver is second to none.


2) Brand

Our work reflects on your brand. Your aesthetic and building hygiene are important, both to your customers and your employees. By creating well-kept, comfortable, and attractive spaces, you're reflecting the quality of your own brand, and helping to nurture trust and loyalty.


3) Morale

You and your staff deserve it. You work hard. Your teams work hard. Their comfort when they come to work should be a priority. Helping them to feel safe, giving them a pleasant working environment and clean, hygienic facilities will ensure high workplace morale and lead to increased productivity.


In fact, quality is so important to us at Samsic that it's one of the core vales that we build our business around. We consistently deliver excellence for our clients, and we’re proud that our teams go above and beyond on a daily basis.


If quality matters to you as much as it matters to us, get in touch to find out how we can transform your facilities.