Five ways we can help you achieve your goals


Published on : 02 Mar. 2020

March brings with it a sense of newness; all the hope and potential of Spring peeks through the clouds with the first rays of sunshine.

It's a great opportunity to think about your business goals for the year, and evaluate what you're doing to achieve them. Or more importantly, what you're doing that isn't helping you to achieve them.

There are so many peripheral tasks that need completing that distract you from you ultimate objective. For many, cleaning is one of these annoying necessities. It doesn't need to be, however.

By arranging for a facilities management company to take on your cleaning and all the related activities, such as recycling and waste management, window cleaning and landscaping, you can be sure that you are channeling your energy into the things that matter most.

And more than that, hiring a professional cleaning company can actively have a positive impact in a number of ways. Here are five ways that Samsic UK can help you to achieve you business goals:


1. Improve staff morale

A happy workforce leads to better outcomes for your company. The environment your staff work in has a huge impact on their wellbeing at work. If they arrive each morning to a tidy, welcoming, hygienic workspace, they will feel more positively towards their work, and in turn, are likely to do a better job.

On top of this, the more positive and engaged your staff feel, the higher your staff retention will be, reducing the cost and time spent on recruitment. 

What's more, the increased levels of hygiene that come with hiring a high quality, professional cleaning company will reduce sickness, meaning you'll have employees that are fighting fit and ready to help the company hit those goals.


2. Increase building & equipment lifespan

Professional internal and external cleaning services can help to restore and maintain the fabric of your premises, increasing its lifespan through early intervention. We can ensure that any issues that might affect the longevity of your building are picked up and solved before they develop.

Similarly, if your organisation uses specialist equipment or technology, hiring experts to ensure they are properly cleaned and looked after will lead to increase longevity of the equipment, and reduced risk of downtime or cost for repair.

Samsic UK has expertise in a range of different sectors, including healthcare and pharmaceuticals, meaning you can rest easy knowing your equipment will be properly attended to by experts. 


3. Boost brand perception

First impressions are important. When your customers, clients and visits arrive at your premises, what they encounter there will impact how they feel about your brand.

If the space is dirty, untidy, or poorly maintained, that will colour how they view your organisation. If, however, they arrive to a neat and sparkling space, with a warm, friendly and efficient welcome, their lasting impression of the company will be far more positive.

We can work with you to create an environment that is perfect for you visitors, helping you to close deals, make sales, or widen your network of connections, whether it's a premium, corporate premesis, a high spec retail space, or a place of care, such as a GP surgery, hospital or hospice.


4. Increase customer/client loyalty

That great first impression is carried on with every interaction your customers and clients have with you. By reflecting the same high standards for every visit, you will help to make sure that your visitors never have a reason to go elsewhere. 

By working with a facilities management company like Samsic UK, you can cover so much more than cleaning. We can work with you to provide Front of House concierge services, giving your clients an unparalleled service, whether that's by answering their calls quickly and efficiently, organising meetings and logistics, or arranging for dry cleaning to be done.

High quality cleaning and landscaping, paired with excellent reception services and a discrete security presence can ensure your organsiation becomes the market leader in the eyes of your customers. Using one company to fulfil all of these services gives you a lot less to worry about, and more time to focus on your goals.


5. Hit your environmental targets

It's frustrating when your company is required to jump through hoops, or hit governmental targets. The environmental targets, however, are great for the planet, and much easier to achieve when working with environmentally conscious partners. At Samsic UK, we use our innovations to ensure that our offering is as eco-friendly as possible. We'll help you to reach those targets by, amongst other things:

  • Using chemical free cleaning solutions
  • Employing grey water recycling techniques
  • Increasing the percentage of waste that is properly recycled


So there it is. Spring is here... why not consider Samsic UK for your spring cleaning?