At a time when customers are increasingly shopping online, it is essential to offer a unique customer experience in stores. Samsic supports you throughout your customers' instore journey.

Our services include cleaning car parks and ensuring the availability of shopping trolleys, cleaning sales floors, washrooms and consumables, security and theft control, video surveillance, cleaning "click and collect" areas and waste management. Each of the services we offer drives your business performance and customer loyalty.

Our teams work daily on large areas that each require specific skills, such as:

  • - Indoor shopping centres
  • - Retail parks
  • - Areas outside stores and shopping centres
  • - Sales floors
  • - Washrooms
  • - Storage areas
  • - Administrative offices


The discrete services provided by our teams ensures every customer feels welcome and comfortable in your stores, helping to build your customer loyalty and enhance your brand image.

Samsic UK’s colleagues are known for their reliability, professionalism and attention to detail, all essential qualities to ensure that your customers get a convenient, stress-free shopping experience.

Innovative services - better for the planet, better for you

Our innovative multiservice offer, including security, reception and cleaning services for the retail sector, is tailor-made and take into account your environment and your requirements.

We work on the cutting edge of cleaning innovation, providing cleaning solutions that will improve efficiency while reducing the number of toxins used, giving you a more thorough and environmentally sustainable clean.


We can provide specialist cleaning services including:

  • - Floor cleaning and polishing
  • - Public spaces
  • - Washrooms and conveniences
  • - Furniture cleaning and steaming
  • - Carpets
  • - Concourses
  • - Heating and ventilation systems


Retail Samsic


Samsic UK is nationally acclaimed and accredited by a wide range of professional bodies, putting us amongst the best cleaning service providers in the UK.

Our accreditations ensure that we achieve the best practice across the breadth of our services, in relation to health and safety, training, quality assurance, environmental management and more.