Putting Health and Safety front and centre


Published on : 12 Nov. 2020

​​​​​​2020 has brought a lot of changes for Samsic. One of the most positive has been the recruitment of new, talented individuals at Director level.


Andy Bryan has joined the Samsic Leadership Team in the newly created position of Safety, Health Environment & Quality Director.


We caught up with him to find out more.


What does it mean to be SHEQ director – what will you do?

It’s a career goal to become the SHEQ Director at Samsic and to represent a company of this magnitude is an amazing personal achievement, it’s also exceptionally challenging, rewarding and enjoyable all at the same time, standing side-by-side with some of the most amazing, hardworking and committed colleagues that I have ever worked with during my career gives me the excitement and motivation to deliver a SHEQ Strategy and service that we can all be proud off. The newly created role at Board level demonstrates Samsic UK board of director’s commitment and dedication to Safety, Health, Environmental & Quality, bringing it the forefront of the Company’s Strategy and mindset is groundbreaking.


When I started out on my SHEQ career I would have never believed I could reach Director status, and if I could give myself some advice at this stage, it would be to work hard, then work even harder and never, ever give up. I’m a true believer that you will reap the rewards from the hard work and effort you put into your work & life in general.


What are you hoping to achieve in the role – what will you focus on?

During phase one of this newly created SHEQ role at Board level, is to expand the team by recruiting SHEQ Business champions who have the expertise, qualifications, competency and knowledge to continue to deliver and maintain the high-class SHEQ service not only for Samsic but also our Clients, at the same time ensuring that we maintain our ISO.9001, ISO.14001, & ISO.45001 accreditations which are critical for Samsic’s current business and our future growth. 


During phase 2 the main focus is on winning hearts and minds across the entirety of the business by integrating current SHEQ Policies & Procedures with the aim of creating a harmonious SHEQ culture for all the Samsic community and throughout our Supply Chain.

In conjunction with phase 2, introducing sustainable improvements within the SHEQ Culture across our Organisation by developing strategies that include:

  • Providing SHEQ onboarding for new employees
  • Awareness programmes for employees
  • Training, education, development
  • Implementing Behaviour Based Safety (BBS)
  • Quality Inspections and supervision
  • Carrying out SHEQ Toolbox Talks on various sustainability topics
  • Reinforcing good safety practices
  • Demonstrating SHEQ Leadership by top management
  • 4Encourage those who are setting the pace and leading by example
  • Clearly show employees the business benefits of a good SHEQ culture
  • Benchmark and measure performance to assess the effect of the SHEQ culture on Key Performance Indicators
  • Continually Improve and review approach

Why are you the man for the job – what are you brilliant at?

This can be broken down into 4 elements in my opinion:



I have developed over the years the ability and skill-set to positively influence people, which is crucial in getting SHEQ based initiatives off the ground. Creating new policies on paper is usually just the first step of the process. However, colleagues still need to buy in to new practices before any real results can be achieved. 

In order for this to be achieved, you have to gain respect and value for your contributions and expertise, lead by example by following and carrying out the practices that has been introduced.



As a dedicated, passionate SHEQ professional, developing and introducing policies that will reduce accidents and illnesses, improve the  Quality service provided, and maintaining Environmental consciousness has been at the forefront of my career.

To ensure the effectiveness of these is being able to focus on the bigger picture of any given SHEQ related concern and create policies that will reliably produce significant, measurable results.

Having a deep understanding of the 80/20 rule has been part of my mentality since being introduced to the practice during my Six-Sigma green belt project management training, this has significantly helped identify lean improvements and corrective action management solutions, usually as a result of a few, simple, well-thought-out actions during a reflective activity session involving a team of Samsic colleagues.



Budgeting is one of my most important tasks. Samsic UK strives to do everything we can to keep all of our colleagues safe and lean productive, as best as we can.

Having to keep an eye on operating budgets, the financial know-how to effectively allocate our Samsic resources, from personal protective equipment to colleague development sessions to machinery maintenance, every action that might improve or be SHEQ compliant while maintaining our Legislative compliance will have some sort of cost associated with it.

Therefore SHEQ financial management, is a serious responsibility.



SHEQ personnel handle dangerous, life-or-death concerns on a daily basis, and an unwavering moral compass is a must.

Commitment to worker safety is critical, as is a dedication to safety policy regulations.

I believe that I can be trusted to always do the right thing, and to never take an easy but questionable path to solve a tough problem.



As an experienced Safety, Health, Environmental, Quality & Project professional, my attention to detail, proactive approach and understanding of current legislation have resulted in numerous successful management system and project implementations. My excellent communication skills and my ability to develop positive working relationships across all levels of the business, not only in the UK but across the EU have resulted in a career development that I’m proud of.