Return to work: Press Release


Published on : 27 May. 2020

RETURN TO WORK: Samsic calls for greater user engagement in POST-CORONAVIRUS WORKSPACE MANAGEMENT

As part of its strategy to help businesses begin to navigate through the changed landscape of post-Covid workspaces, Samsic UK has rolled out a programme enabling users to participate in real-time environment hygiene control.


The facilities services provider’s comprehensive strategy for returning businesses to their workplaces post-
Coronavirus extends beyond ‘deep clean’ to imbue a broader ethos of hygiene engagement and maintenance using digital technologies aimed at enabling the better mindfulness of site users.

‘Workspace Hygiene’ takes in a substantial portfolio of cross-contamination prevention, access and social distance control solutions, as well as fever scanning, indoor air sanitisation and control deployed by a growing resource of innovative technologies from the company’s systems portfolio.

In a growing cultural step-change, Samsic’s programme also measures the emerging role of site users in self-managing a bacteria-reduced environment.


Participatory opportunities for users include self-auditing the condition of their sites using smart device QR scanners and bar code readers, and enabling report back of their cleaning requirements in real-time for prompt response.

“Of course, prior to welcoming back employees, it’s vital that the building they are returning to is virus free,” says Samsic UK CEO, Jonathan King.

“An initial site deep-clean helps ensure staff confidence in coming back and improve morale in knowing they’re working in a clean, safe environment.”

Samsic UK’s deep clean service takes in a range of specialist solutions including chemical free cleaning using mopping, wiping, machine floor contact and fogging and spray technology; hygiene door handles and mobile phone de-sanitisers underpinned by the company’s Organised Workflow Process.

Designed to deliver the highest levels of sanitisation with no chance for cross contamination, Workflow Process ensures that no area of a room or building can be forgotten and that high-contact areas receive the most detailed attention, eliminating any trace of the virus.

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