New ARISE programme offers employers Back to Work confidence


Published on : 16 Nov. 2020

At a time when uncertainty is causing chaos for businesses, we’re launching a new programme to bring safety and certainty back to the workplace, and offer Back to Work Confidence for their staff when offices re-open.


We know hygiene. We’re experts in workplace safety. We’re using that expertise to help businesses bring back their teams with the confidence they need that their staff, visitors and customers will be kept safe and healthy.


Our new ARISE programme is a data-led initiative that will use technology alongside our expertise to create healthy, virus-free environments:







Assess the current situation

Our expert consultants will visit your site to undertake a comprehensive hygiene audit. We will assess how your buildings are used, focusing on high-risk and high-touchpoint areas.


Resolve the pressing concerns for Covid safety

We’ll ensure that your workspace is Covid safe, providing the necessary resources and assurance to users, including swab testing, sanitising stations and infrared thermometers.


Improve the efficiency and standard of clean

We match cleaning frequencies to the occupancy use habits and behaviours of each site, creating the optimal cleaning regime for any configuration of the building.


Solution bespoke to your organisation’s needs

We don’t use a one size fits all solution. For us, every client is unique, with a unique set of needs. So we create a solution that is perfectly tailored to your building, your staff, and your business goals.


Evaluate the solution continually once in place

With an ever-changing landscape, it is important that we continuously evaluate the solution that we've implemented, to make sure that every part of the process runs smoothly, and the quality of service is of the highest possible level. As your needs change, our solution will need to change too.


Get in touch to see how the ARISE programme can work for you.