Innovations to keep your staff safe post-Covid19


Published on : 06 May. 2020

Now more than ever, ensuring the cleanliness and hygiene of our buildings is essential for protecting staff and visitors against Covid-19.


Going forward, we all need to think about our hygiene and access control strategies if we want to increase social confidence, rebuild working patterns and eliminate the risk of infection as staff return to work after the Coronavirus lockdown.


As you look to returning to more normal business practices when the lockdown is lifted, it will be important to utlise intelligent, data-led solutions that provide real time interventions to keep your staff and visitors safe, and your premises infection free.


That's why, as a provider of innovative facilities solutions, we have a range of data driven products and services to help you make safe, informed decisions about your premises and workforce.


Our robust access control services can ensure that your building stays hygienic. Harnessing digital technologies Samsic can protect against all risk categories.


Infared Thermometers

Our fever scanning solutions identify pre-infection risk by measuring skin temperature of building users using combined thermal and colour visual imaging cameras.

Our front of house teams can be provided with contactless thermometers, using advanced infrared temperature sensing technology to provide a safe and convenient way to check fever and flu symptoms without the need for contact.


Aeramax Filtration

Aeramax filtration ensures the air your staff is breathing is sanitised and safe. Indoor air quality has a direct impact in health, comfort and workspace performance. 

We monitor, in real time, indoor air for the detection of pollutants, bacteria, viruses and odours. We are able to trigger air sanitising solutions or complete enhanced cleaning.


Samsic UK are experts in workspace hygiene and risk management best practice. We provide multi-dimensional solutions that focus on unseen risks such as infections, contamination and environmental standards alongside unauthorised access control, giving you business the next responsible stage in protecting workspaces.


Chemical Free Cleaning

Samsic pioneered the use of the chemical-free sanitising agent, Toucan, as an alternative to traditional cleaning chemicals and detergents, with higher infection control properties. It has verified kill rates of 99.99% against viruses, pathogens and micro-organisms. On application Toucan’s antimicrobial properties kill micro-organisms and stop their growth.



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