How to safely re-open your business as the lockdown eases


Published on : 10 May. 2020

After being given a set of guidelines this weekend on how to move forward and get businesses running again, we have a roadmap on how to safely begin to welcome colleagues back to work.


Here at Samsic UK, we're ready with a strategic approach to helping you create a safe, hygienic workspace. 


We have a full re-mobilisation plan for our clients that have been shut down during the lockdown, with clear steps on how we can assist in fully ensuring a safe return to business as usual.


Our 6 phase plan sets out the way we can, with confidence, repopulate client sites, beginning with a full site cleanliness risk assessment, identifying high-risk locations and additional hygiene cleaning requirements for critical control points:

PHASE 1: Site risk assessment and sanitisation cleaning planning

PHASE 2: Initial staff engagement

PHASE 3:  Engagement of staff and workforce vacancy assessment

PHASE 4: Supply partner re-engagement

PHASE 5: Staff briefing and training at site

PHASE 6: Re-occupation


Our strategic approach to site repopulation will ensure that we can help your staff and visitors return to your premises safely, while staying alert and keeping your site virus free. 


If you want to read more about our plan to help you get you back to business, take a look at our full remobilisation document.


If you're ready to begin the process of safely bringing your colleagues back to work, get in touch and find out how our wide range of innovative services and products can help you to get back to business.